Volunteer Opportunities


Village Treasure House is staffed almost entirely by volunteers.  It is a community place where people of all ages, talents and experiences come together and share in a mission to help others in need. Volunteer with us in one of the following areas:

Robin Culbertson

  • Floor Volunteer: Greet and sell to customers during a morning or afternoon volunteer shift.
  • Pricer: Join the team on Mondays to price small items.
  • Furniture Mover: Be part of the group responsible for moving furniture items on and off the floor and arranging our showroom.
  • Furniture  Scout: Visit client’s homes to preview furniture for donation or consignment.
  • Merchandiser: Display inventory in the most attractive manner to attract sales.

Consider donating your time and talents to Village Treasure House.  You will experience new friends, new skills, personal growth and the satisfaction that comes from doing something good for others.

Print out our volunteer application and bring it in to our showroom.


Cheri Sloat

I’ve been a volunteer since 2007, when I semi-retired. I work as a floor volunteer and cover lunch for the managers. Village Treasure House is a wonderful place. I have been visiting  VTH since it first opened on Waukegan Rd. I have always liked to go antiquing, so I was intrigued by having a Glenview based charity consignment store. I continue to be amazed at how much stock we bring in on a daily basis! I have relatives and friends shopping, consigning and donating. But the most rewarding part is the amount of money that we have been able to donate over very few years. We are on the March to a Million! Cheri Sloat


Cindy Knuerr



I’ve been a VTH floor volunteer for 5 1/2 years. The variety of my responsibilities and interacting with VTH customers gives me great satisfaction.  It’s a special opportunity for me to work with other volunteers on the same goal:  helping women and children in crisis. Cindy Knuerr




Libby Hinds

I’ve been a volunteer since 2005. I started out working as a floor volunteer at our old place on Glenview Road and am now a pricer. There is a wonderful feeling in being a volunteer at the Village Treasure House.  The mission of helping women and children in need is certainly foremost, but working with interesting and dedicated women makes the job a real joy.  So many women working so well together is very special.

Libby (Elizabeth) Hinds


Gail Steinmetz


I’ve been a volunteer since 2007. I have worked as a pricer, lunch relief, floor volunteer, and scheduling assistant. I love being at VTH: great volunteers and the reward of doing something useful and productive! Gail Steinmetz




Denise Powers


I’ve been a volunteer since 2002. I started as a floor volunteer. I have helped as a pricer and furniture mover. I served as a board member for three years and managed marketing.   I am always a Village Treasure House Cheerleader. My efforts service 15 local worthy agencies at one time. No need to make the difficult choice of: Which one should I give my limited time or resources? Denise Powers



I’ve been a volunteer 4 years. I work as a floor volunteer and cover lunch for managers. VTH is a win-win   situation!  It is fun to volunteer, purchasers get great deals on one-of-a kind items, and consignors get paid for their items. Best of all, almost $1,000,000 has been given to local charities as a result! Jane Hund



I have been volunteering approximately 4 years. I discovered VTH on Glenview Road as a shopper. Initially I worked the floor as a salesperson. Now I am a merchandiser. We arrange the items in the shop to display to their best advantage. I really enjoy the challenge of creating a great looking environment for our shop. VTH is a fun upbeat place to volunteer and shop!
Beth Duffy